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Find the volume and surface area of each shape below. Assume that the edge of each cube measures ".  

  1. A rectangle, but at each corner, it turns in, and back out, creating a rectangle with missing corners.

    Each of these objects are three-dimensional and have length, width, and depth.

    Volume is the number of cubes needed to fill a three dimensional object.

    The surface area of an object is the total area of all its surfaces.

  1. Three cubes connected together at a face making one row.

    See part (a).

  1. Two cubes side by side, with a third cube on top of the left one. The front of all 3 cubes, the tops and right sides, of the top left and right cubes, are visible.

    Including the hidden faces, there are total squares, each with area 1 sq in. There are cubes so the volume is in³.

    The diagram has these labels added: 3 squares hidden, with arrow pointing behind, 2 squares hidden, with arrow pointing to the bottom, 2 squares hidden, with arrow point to the left side.