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Find the value of each of the following expressions. Use a tile diagram or a number line to help you, if you need it.  Compute without a calculator

  1. The parentheses used in this problem mean that you should multiply the numbers. If you are having trouble with multiplication, it may help to review problem 2-73.

  1. Remember that adding a negative number is just like taking steps backward, or subtracting.

  1. Think of the expression as asking how much groups of is.

  1. Again, adding negative numbers is like walking backwards. Does it help to think of the expression as a tightrope? The absolute value then removes the negative sign.

    3, equal arrow sections, pointing left, each labeled negative 2.

    The sum of the expression inside the absolute value symbols is , so the absolute value of the expression is .

  1. When you multiply a negative number and a positive number, the result is negative. See part (d) about the absolute value.

  1. See the hint in part (e).

    The product of this expression is .