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Simplify the following fraction expressions. Show all of your work.  


    Draw diagrams to represent each fraction.

    The sum of two area diagrams. The first has 5 out of 6 equal parts shaded. The second has 1 out of 4 equal parts shaded.

    Now change the diagram so that each whole is divided into equal portions.


    Follow the steps in part (a) to solve the problem.


    Draw a rectangle. A rectangle divided into 24 equal sections arranged in 3 rows and 8 columns.

    Shade in three eighths.  The same rectangle with three sections shaded in each row.

    Shade in two thirds in the other direction. The same rectangle with 2 rows lightly shaded, and 6 sections, in those 2 rows, are shaded dark.

    The darker overlapping region is your answer.


    See part (c).

    Remember to reduce your answer.