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Algebra tiles, aligned on the bottom: x, squared tile, and a column, with a horizontal, x tile, and a unit tile on top, both aligned, against the x squared tile. Look at the algebra tile shape at right.  

  1. Write an algebraic expression for the perimeter of the shape in two ways: first, by finding the length of each of the sides and adding them all together; second, by writing an equivalent, simplified expression.

    Label all the side lengths.

    Simplify this expression.

    Added labels to the sides of the figure, starting at the top left, and going clockwise, are as follows: x, x minus 2, 1, 1, x minus 1, 1, x, x, x.

  2. Write an algebraic expression for the area of the shape.

    To find the area, add up the values of all the tiles within the perimeter.