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The number of 7th graders at Middle School Cyber Summer Camp was six more than twice the number of 6th graders. There were a total of middle school students at the camp. Use the 5-D Process to find the number of 6th graders and the number of 7th graders at camp.  

The 5-D process is Describe, Define, Do, Decide, and Declare

Use the following relationship to determine how many 6th graders and 7th graders
there were at the camp:

Choose a number you think is reasonable for the number of 6th graders and use that as your first Trial number.

Example: If is trial , what is the number of 7th graders?
Set up your table with Define, Do, and Decide columns and solve.

Decide if the total is correct. If not, make another trial.
Keep making more trials until the correct answer is found.

Declare the correct answer in a sentence.