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Complete each of the webs below. 

    1. Representations of a Portion: Top, fraction. Left: decimal. Right: 87.5 percent. Middle: words or pictures.

Refer to the Math Notes box below if you need help remembering how to do this.

Decimal to percent:
Multiply the decimal by .

Fraction to percent:
Set up an equivalent fraction using  as the denominator. The numerator is the percent. 

Decimal to fraction: 
Use the digits as the numerator. Use the decimal place value as the denominator. Simplify as needed. 

Percent to decimal: 
Divide the percent by 

Percent to Fraction: 
Use  as the denominator. Use the digits in the percent as the numerator. Simplify as needed. 

Fraction to decimal: 
Divide the numerator by the denominator. 

b.Representations of a Portion: Top: fraction. Left: repeating decimal 0.3. Right: percent. Middle: words or pictures.

A circle divided into 3 equal pie sections. 1 section is shaded and labeled one third.