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Hector has a part-time job at a garage. He gets a paycheck of every four weeks.  

  1. Hector has to pay of his income in taxes. How much money does he pay in taxes each paycheck? Show your thinking with a diagram and calculations.

    Line segment with 2 unequal sections, with marks labeled as follows: First: 0 and 0, second, 15 and question mark, last, 100 and 820. Title: What is 15% of 820?

  2. Hector took a -week vacation, so his next paycheck will only be for weeks of work. What percentage of his regular pay should he expect to receive? How much is that?

    weeks is what percent of weeks?

  3. The garage owner is impressed with Hector’s work and is giving him a raise. How much will Hector be paid when he receives his next -week paycheck?

    Find of Hector's current paycheck.

    Add this amount to his current paycheck to find the amount of his new paycheck.