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Athena was working on her Girl Scout silver award and was wondering what percentage of people support the Girl Scouts financially through cookie sales outside the grocery store.   9-101 HW eTool   

At the next cookie sale, Athena kept track of how many customers at the grocery store walked by the cookie table and how many stopped to purchase cookies. of families stopped and purchased cookies at the table.

Athena continued collecting data at several different grocery stores around town. Here are the percent of those who bought cookies at each store:


Make a box plot of the samples, then make a new statement about what proportion of people (in what interval) you can expect to buy Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store.

How can you use this data to create a box plot?
Your math statement might start like: The % of people who buy Girl Scout Cookies at grocery stores is usually between _____% and _____%.

Use the eTool below to complete the problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 9-101 HW eTool