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Find the missing lengths or values on the diagram below. Assume that the line is evenly divided.  

A line segment, from 0% to 100%, divided into 10 equal segments, with label 1.0 above 100% on the right end.  2 brackets on top, 3 brackets on bottom, include sections and labeled as follows: Top, Left, first 3 sections, a. Top Right, last 4 sections,  b. Bottom First, first 1.5 sections, d, bottom second, second 1.5 sections, d, third, last 4 sections, c.

How many sections is this line divided into? Can you use this to find the value of each section?

Since the line is divided into sections, the sections each represent  or of the whole.

To solve, note how many sections each bracket includes.

 - Use the method above to solve.

 - Use the method above to solve.
Note that the two sections are equal.