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  1. Ellen is building a scale model of the space shuttle. A space shuttle is approximately 122 feet long and has a wingspan of 78 feet. Homework Help ✎

    1. How many inches long is the space shuttle?

    2. Ellen plans to build her model so that 1 cm on the model represents 10 inches on the space shuttle. Write a proportion to show this relationship for the length of her model. Find how long will her model be (in centimeters)?

    3. Write and solve a proportion to find her model’s wingspan (in centimeters)?

    4. Remember that 1 inch is approximately equal to 2.54 cm. How many inches long will her model be?

1 foot = 12 inches

Multiply your answer from part (a) by this ratio:

146.4 cm

Follow the same process as in parts (a) and (b): convert the space shuttle's wingspan from feet to inches and then use the scale factor to find the model's wingspan in cm.