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Write a letter about yourself that will help your teacher get to know you as an individual. Address each of the general topics below (in bold) Choose a few of the suggested questions to get you started. 

About You: By what name do you like to be called? What are your interests, talents, and hobbies? What are you proud of? With whom do you live? What languages do you speak? When is your birthday? What are you like as a member of a team? In what ways are you excited about working in a team? In what ways are you nervous about it?

You as a Math Student: Describe your memories as a math student from kindergarten until now. What experiences in math have you liked? Why? How do you feel about taking this math class? Have you ever worked in a team in a math class before? What kinds of math do you imagine yourself doing in this class?

Follow the instructions given by your teacher.