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Kerin discovered that a human’s height is related to their reach.  Kerin is curious if the same thing is true for foot size.  

  1. It was not practical for Kerin to measure her classmates’ feet, so Kerin collected the following shoe-size data from some of her classmates.  Make a graph with appropriately scaled axes.

    What are the largest and smallest values? Consider shoe size and height independently.

    Does it matter which data is on the -axis and which is on the -axis?

  1. Is there a relationship between shoe size and height?

    Examine the scatterplot you made in part (a). Estimate a line of best fit to help you see any trends.

Shoe Size

Height (cm)

Input the data into the eTool below to graph the results.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 1-30 HW eTool