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Decide whether each of the following situations represents a proportional relationship. Explain why or why not.  

  1. Karim is ordering video games. Each game costs , and there is a shipping charge per order. How much will it cost him to order any number of video games?

    Sketch a scatterplot for the total cost versus different numbers of games ordered. Does the relationship look linear? Does it go through the origin?

  2. A given rectangle has an area of square feet. What is the length for various widths?

    What is the length for a width of foot? feet? feet? What kind of relationship do the lengths have?

  3. Oleg ran miles in hour minutes. Assuming he continues at a constant rate, how long will it take him to run any number of miles?

    How long will it take him to run half a mile? miles? Does this make sense for a proportional relationship?