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Jerome is keeping track of how many books he and his friends have read during the first days of school. To help Jerome present the data to his teacher, make a box plot of how many books each person has read. The numbers of books are and .  

 Box Plots
A box plot  (also known as a box-and-whisker plot) displays a summary of data using the median, quartiles, and extremes of the data.  The box contains “the middle half” of the data.  The right segment represents the top of the data and the left segment represents the bottom of the data.  A box plot makes it easy to see where the data are spread out and where they are concentrated.  The larger the box, the more the data are spread out.

To construct a box plot using a number line that shows the range of the data, draw vertical line segments above the median, first quartile and third quartile.  Then connect the lines from the first and third quartiles to form a rectangle.  Place a vertical line segment above the number line at the highest and lowest data values.  Connect the minimum value to the first quartile and the maximum value to the third quartile using horizontal segments.  For the data set used in the Quartile Math Note, namely, and the box plot is shown below.

Box Plot: x axis, scaled in fives, from 0 to 45. Left whisker: 2 to 7. Box: 7 to 33, vertical line at 14. Right whisker: 33 to 44.