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The Fabulous Footballers scored an incredible points during last night’s game. Interestingly, the number of field goals was one more than twice the number of touchdowns. The Fabulous Footballers earned seven points for each touchdown and three points for each field goal.  

  1. Multiple Choice: Which system of equations below best represents this situation? Explain your reasoning. Assume that represents the number of touchdowns and represents the number of field goals.

    times the number of touchdowns and 3 times the number of field goals equals the total number of points.
    The number of field goals is two times the number of touchdowns plus one.

    The only set of equations that meets all these requirements is (ii).

  2. Solve the system you selected in part (a) to determine how many touchdowns and field goals the Fabulous Footballers made last night.

    Substitute in for f.

    Solve for .


    Substitute your answer for back into the equation for .

    field goals