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Copy the table below onto your paper and use your pattern skills to complete it.  


in (x) column 1 

in (x) column 2 

in (x) column 3 

in (x) column 4 

in (x) column 5 

in (x) column 6 blank

in (x) column 7 

in (x) column 8 

in (x) column 9 


out (y) column 1 

out (y) column 2 

out (y) column 3 

out (y) column 4 blank

out (y) column 5 blank

out (y) column 6 

out (y) column 7 blank

out (y) column 8 blank

out (y) column 9 blank

  1. Explain in words what is done to the input value, , to produce the output value, .

    If you multiply by , you get .

  2. Write the process you described in part (a) in algebraic symbols.