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It is the end of the semester, and the clubs at school are recording their profits. The Science Club started out with and has increased its balance by an average of per week. The Math Club has saved per week after starting out with at the beginning of the semester.

  1. Create an equation for each club. Let represent the number of weeks and represent the balance of the club’s account.

    Review your work from the problems in this lesson.

    Science Club:
    Now write an equation for the Math Club.

  2. Graph both lines on one set of axes. When do the clubs have the same balance?

    Where do the lines intersect?

  3. What is the balance at that point?

    What is the -value of the intersection point?

Complete the tables in the eTool below to help you with this problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 5-36 HW eTool