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Jack noticed a sale on his favorite model of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The salesperson said the company was cutting the price for that weekend, so Jack got an discount.

  1. If the usual price of the ATV was , estimate how much the discount will be. Explain your reasoning.

    Round the ATV price to in order to make the percent easier to approximate.

    Since we can find that of is , we can also determine that of would be . is roughly in the middle of and . What is your estimation?

  2. Calculate the amount Jack did pay with the discount.

    Find of , then subtract that value from to find how much Jack paid.

  1. If the store sold three of the ATVs that weekend, how much money was saved by the three customers combined?

    For each ATV, the original price was . Based on part (b), it costs .16 after the discount. How much did Jack save on one ATV? Now multiply that number by .