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Jenna is working with three squares. Their areas are , and . She thinks they will make an obtuse triangle. Do you agree? Explain your reasoning.

What are the values of the sides of each square?

Try to predict what kind of triangle can be made from the squares below.

Largest Square, with area of 36 on the left, with smallest square with area of 9 on right, and middle sized square, with area of 16, above the smallest square.

The sides of the squares are cm, cm, and cm.
These values make up the values of the sides of the triangle.

What kind of triangle do these squares make?

The smallest and middle sized squares from the previous image, are slanted, so one vertex from each square, touches a vertex on the same side of the large square, & the 2 squares share a vertex, so that the 3 sides, 1 from each square, become the perimeter of a triangle.