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Resuelve en los siguientes problemas.

  1. A right triangle, has hypotenuse labeled, x, and vertical leg, labeled, 18. The horizontal leg is extended, past the right angle, creating, a horizontal leg of a larger right triangle. The larger right triangle, has a vertical leg, labeled, 23, and hypotenuse, labeled, 47.

  1. 2 triangles, share top vertex, right & left sides, of smaller triangle, extended to create right & left sides of larger, triangle. Smaller triangle labeled: Bottom, 35, marked with 1 arrow, right side, 20. Larger triangle labeled: bottom, 55, marked with 1 arrow, right side, x.

Los triángulos son semejantes. Recuerda que en los triángulos semejantes los lados correspondientes son proporcionales.

Mira la parte (a).