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The U.S. Census Bureau takes a census every 10 years. The population in 2000 was estimated at 281.4 million people. A model created at the time predicted that the population grew at about 2% per year. Homework Help ✎

  1. How many people would the Census Bureau have expected to count in the 2005 census?

    Write an exponential equation to help you solve this problem.

    y = 281.4(1.02)5
    310.7 million people

  2. If the Census Bureau had conducted a count in 2010, how many people would it have expected to count?

    Refer to part (a), but change it to fit this situation.

  3. The actual 2010 census put the population at 309 million people. What is the residual? What does it mean?

    Is this less than or greater than the expected amount?
    What does that tell you about the population growth?