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  1. Jhalil and Joman studying As Jhalil and Joman practice for the SAT, their scores on practice tests rise. Jhalil’s current score is 850, and it is rising by 10 points per week. On the other hand, Joman’s current score is 570 and is growing by 50 points per week. Homework Help ✎

    1. When will Joman's score catch up to Jhalil's?

    2. If the SAT test is in 12 weeks, who will score highest?

Jhalil's score will be defined by the expression 850 + 10x, since her initial score was 850 and it increases by 10 points each week. Joman's score, on the other hand, will be defined by the expression 570 + 50x, since his initial score was 570 and it increases by 50 each week.

850 + 10x = 570 + 50x

x = 7

Insert 12 for x in the equation found in part (a) to see who will have the higher score.