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Marni loves pancakes and likes to eat them in a tall stack. Assume that she always makes 8 pancakes each with a thickness of inch. Homework Help ✎
Marni and a stack of pancakes.

  1. Last Saturday, Marni decided to make square pancakes. If the largest pancake had an edge of 9 inches and each pancake had an edge inch shorter than the one below it, calculate the volume of pancakes Marni ate last Saturday.

    Volume = (Area of Base)(Thickness)

    The area of the base of each pancake is the edge squared.

    132.6875 in²

  2. Next Sunday, Marni will make circular pancakes. Each pancake will have a diameter 1 inch smaller than the one below it and the smallest pancake will have a radius of 2 inches. How much volume is Marni planning to eat?