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Suppose two sisters, Esther and Agnes, live 325 miles apart. Esther has three young children who are planning to visit their Aunt Agnes for a week. Esther and Agnes agree to leave at the same time, drive toward each other, and meet somewhere along the route. Esther’s average rate of speed is 55 miles per hour. Agnes’s average rate of speed is 70 miles per hour. How long will it take for Esther and Agnes to meet? Answer in hours and minutes. Homework Help ✎

Let t represent time in hours and d represent distance in miles. Set up an equations using d = rt.

d = 55 t

d = 70 t

Where 55 is Agne's rate.

Where 70 is the Esther's rate.

(Agnes' Distance) + (Esther's Distance) = (total distance)